A sorting algorithm visualizer written in Vue

There are many sorting algorithms, each working differently from the other. Also, there are many sorting algorithm videos, each visualizing differently from the other. I decided to implement a small sorting algorithm visualizer using the Vue framework.

Figure 1: Preview of the application.

The visualizer can be accesssed under The source code is available on the GitHub repository AmarTabakovic/sorts and is licensed under the MIT license.


The visualizer is capable of the following:

  • Visualization of the following algorithms:
    • Bubble sort
    • Selection sort
    • Insertion sort
    • Heap sort
    • Merge sort
    • Quick sort
    • Radix sort
    • Gnome sort
    • Cocktail shaker sort
    • Odd-even sort
  • Randomization of the input list
  • Dynamic delay and input list size